3S Sourcindia is a direct source for fragrances, essential oils and botanicals. We are a wholesale essential oil supplier of both pure and organic essential oils. As a leading essential oil company, you can find confidence in our vast distribution network and experience in essential oil.

Today, Sourcindia has grown to become the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions. Sourcindia stays true to its original vision. And with our steadfast commitment to essential oil purity, we’ve inspired millions of people everywhere to experience nature’s gifts of wellness and harmony, to create abundance as Sourcindia distributors, and to discover new opportunities for lifelong transformation.

Our mission is to achieve business excellence in aromatic oils and fragrances industry by offering a range of delightful products to the customers. We strive to provide value added services to the customers at reduced cost and maximize the satisfaction level of our highly valued customers.We aim to preserve the delicate balance of our fragile environment and make use of the environment friendly technology in our facilities, ensure the continuous supply of products to clients in timely manner and also to provide them necessary assistance as and when required, enhance our distribution services by strengthening our reseller network and alliance partners, provide prompt services to the customers and  provide high value products at competitive rates.