3S SOURCINDIA is a global trading company managing the source of supply and the delivery of products. The main focus of our business is to provide apparel sourcing services to our esteemed clients & to allow them a most satisfying buying experience. We cater directly to importers worldwide & are currently providing services to a wide range of big US, Canadian & European retailers importers.

3S SOURCINDIA was established with a mission of providing exceptional and personalized services to our clients & to fulfill this mission we have head office in Bangalore India. Due to the strategic location of our sourcers, we enjoy a good control over sourcing of raw materials and production facilities in India. Our core principle of business is to provide the right product at the right price & at the right time. Our experienced professional team minimizes the communication problems with customers often confront in India, resulting in efficient handling of business.

3S SOURCINDIA is proud to acknowledge our staff as one of the driving forces of our company’s success. It is comprised of highly-trained professionals and technicians who participate in continuing education to keep abreast of all major market trends and technological developments. Our staff is guided by principles of integrity and ethical business practices to ensure our customers’ confidence.

3S SOURCINDIA is committed to develop close ties with our esteemed customers through personalized services, cooperation, and assistance, which translate into the highest standards in quality, delivery time, and value. Our hands-on and versatile management approach allows us to monitor all the processes, from pre-assessments to shipping, in order to address and comply with all of our customers’ needs and expectations.

India, currently the hottest destination in world for sourcing is our major strength as we have excellent control over factories who are working dedicatedly for us. We work on a variety of products.